Advanced JavaScript Engineering

Bring your ideas to life

Get ready for the revolution. Javascript has taken over the web and we are bringing exceptional expertise to your projects either you are an innovative startup or successful enterprise. We are here to build your next-generation web and mobile applications.

Leading JavaScript frameworks such as Angular 1.x, Angular 2.0, Sencha ExtJS and Sencha Touch for web and mobile are at the core of our products.


We create and deliver web and mobile solutions using the following technologies and platforms:





    Our Services

    At DevLab, custom web based application development and consulting is our business. We have a deep, diverse team of US-based software engineers and designers who specialize in modern web platforms.

    We help you to launch your project faster by applying our top-notch industry expertise for your business.

    Here is why you should work with us:

    Proof of Concept to Market

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    Peace of Mind

    • A proven team that uses top-notch management methodologies to keep projects on time, helping customers to get innovative solutions in deployment faster.
    • DevLab clients benefit from our unique delivery model that focuses on building smaller, more efficient teams of senior-level resources with domain and functional expertise embedded.
    • Done right, an outsourced application development will always be more cost-effective. And we know the impact of time and resources on productivity and profit.
    • DevLab provides clients with services and skills at a fraction of the cost.
    • Finally, here is an application development outsourcer who gets it, who delivers what they say they’ll deliver, who views their role as an equal partner with insights and valuable opinions, and who works hand-in-hand with customers to get it done right.
    • DevLab clients receive superior service and full commitment from the project team.

    Our Customers


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